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GHANA: Abandon Party Politics, Says Archbishop Sarpong
Posted on: Thursday, June 21, 2012

Catholic Archbishop Emeritus of Kumasi, Most Rev Peter Kwasi Sarpong, has called on Ghanaians to abandon party politics and keep all the positive elements in a democratic system, after damning the contemporary political system as dysfunctional and destructive, reports CISA.

"In place of party politics, I urge that we develop a political system that combines the best in our traditional system of governance and the best in modern democracy. We have enough human intellectual resources to be able to evolve such a democratic system," Archbishop Sarpong stated.

He was speaking on the topic "Truth, Integrity and Democratic Development: How Is Ghana Faring?” at the inaugural Freedom Power Lectures 2012 series held in Accra. Five more lectures are expected to be organized before elections in December. The series is an initiative of the Centre for Freedom and Accuracy (CFA) as part of its contribution towards improving political discourse in Ghana.

Archbishop Sarpong, a septuagenarian social anthropologist and author of numerous books and publications, made his passionate proposal on no-party democratic governance after he laid bare his mind on happenings in the country's recent political history. "Ghana's politics has been characterized by deceit, impossible promises, unrealistic undertaking. People wanting to be voted to power promise heaven and earth for the gullible electorate to go by in voting for them. Most politicians appear to be Ghanaian whose reservoir of truth and integrity, the bedrock of true democracy, has completely dried up."

Archbishop Sarpong said the current democratic practice has been characterized by the politicization of very important infrastructure such as roads, schools, water and health facilities. "Our politics has become a democracy of a winning party refusing to continue the projects of the other party when it was in power. Look at the number of roads spread over the length and breadth of Ghana that had been started and not completed," he added.

Archbishop Sarpong condemned Ghana's present democracy as one of "politics of tribalism," "embezzlement," "superiority complex," "vengeance and vendetta," "macho men," and "phenomenon of propaganda." He was more expressive in his dislike for these negative elements of the democratic practice.

"It is my view that unless we outlaw the phenomenon of macho men and refine the current crude and unscrupulous propaganda machinery, we will continue to be witnesses to the ridiculous phenomena of vote rigging, ballot boxes disappearing, ballot boxes being filled before, during and after elections, prospective voters being driven away by force from where they want to go and vote. In some cases, voters outnumbering the registered voters in a constituency," he concluded.

Source: http://www.christiantelegraph.com

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