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Pastor Jaerock Lee speaks about the problems of modern Christianity
Posted on: Friday, January 13, 2012

Dr. Jaerock Lee, a Senior Pastor of the Manmin Church situated in Seoul, South Korea, discussed the main problems of modern Christianity in an interview with Christian Telegraph correspondents. The Pastor expressed his view on the lapses and loses of Christianity today in many countries.

“Christians say that they believe in God,” noted Pastor Jaerock Lee. “But they don’t pray. They love this world instead of separating themselves from it. They follow this world and imitate it. But we should rely on Almighty God. Their hope is in the world system and their intellect. If we rely on our God, He will take care of us. Christians don’t have true and strong faith because of their hope on this world. We should advance from one level to another. God wants us to cut our heart, be sanctified and restore God’s image in us. He created men to be praised through His children. He wants His children to show His image.”

Senior Pastor of the Manmin Church underlined that, when one accepts Jesus as his Savior and Lord, one becomes a new creature; sin is destroyed. According to him, we could become a reflection of Almighty God through this process, and when we restore our lost image of God, the Lord will bless us. Dr. Jaerock Lee considers this model as true Christianity. He also opined that many people don’t know about true Christian life – they think that if they attend Church they are saved. The Pastor is sure that it is not enough to attend Church; we should do our best to remove evil from our life and obey His Word every day, if we truly love our Lord.

Pastor Lee also shared three principles of a successful Christian life. “At first, we should pray,” said Dr. Jaerock Lee, “We could do nothing without prayer. Even Jesus prayed a lot. If you don’t pray, you will fall into temptation. When Jesus walked on this earth, He prayed as much as possible. If we stop praying, we will begin sinning. We should pray permanently, without being tired.” Secondly, he explained, “if we follow God’s Word, we should practice it. If we know His word, we should live according to it. If it says that we must love our enemies, what must we do? Of course, we must love our enemies. We have to cut our hearts. We have to prepare ourselves as a bride prepares herself for the bridegroom. When we pray, the Holy Spirit touches our hearts and gives us power and grace from above. Only through grace given from heaven, evil goes away from our hearts and we change.” Thirdly, Pastor Lee said that we should be faithful to God’s Kingdom. “If we practice all these three principles, we will become true Christians who will show God’s image to people. Only in this way can we experience awakening in churches.”

Source: www.christiantelegraph.com

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